NBA-Natinal Basketball Asociation

NBA-National basketball Association is the most popular basketball in history. That’s why it is very common to all people in terms of basketball. NBA is my favorite sports. It is my favorite than the other sports because it is very interested to the people.


I’m Marcelo Martillan from Matnog Daraga Albay. I’m a graduating student of SLTCFI taking up the course COMPUTER PROGRAMMING. I’m 20 years old.

As of now, i’m in a SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZER training at embarcadero de Legazpi.

My favorite hobby is playing basketball, playing computer games, and watching t.v. I’m a simple person and i have a goal in life. I’m a friendly person specially to my classmates and to my co-trainer.

Basketball As My Favorite Sports



    Blogging is my favorite because i can express is better more ejoyable than the other.I  like blogging so i can post my picture  in my blog  and also to post  my likes and dislikes.As of now, i’m creating my own blog so that i can introduce and express  myself in my own blog.I can write anything that i want to say by posting..I’m enjoying creating blogs.It is good for relaxation, refreshing and expressing myself specially to my friends. I like blogging because I can do chatting specially to my friends.Aside from chatting, I can do uploading videos in my blog.

It will make more beautiful to see your own videos and self  expression to your blog.Aside from posting, chatting, and uploading videos, my blog it is also related to what I done in a previous day. If you want too look for more information, just visit us

You can also do chatting for more further information so that you can ask or comment about my blogs.If there’s any comment or suggestion about my blogs, you can write or post it there.You do more better in blogging. It is enjoyable and more interesting.

This blog contains more on computer literate like if you are in animation,you can do some sketching and how it works and use in our environment..yet you will find some more difficulties aboutanimation but enjoyable.